a parking space finder & rental app.






My goal for this project was essentially to help people find parking spaces in crowded areas, and I went through several ideations which resulted in an app that allowed users searching for spaces to connect with those who possess spaces to rent out, AirBnB as a model.

My Role

Since this app is one that would be used in a vehicle, both while driving and while parked, I recognized that safety would be a huge concern, and augmented by the necessary facility in functionality important in all apps. After User research, I went though many iterations of the app, eliminating any that proved cumbersome or superfluous. Aside from the AirBnB model, I gained inspiration from Google Maps and Waze for ease of use on the fly, as well as Uber and Lyft to gain insight into swift functionality.


  • Interaction
  • GPS Tracking
  • Branding
  • Content Creation


  • Fun
  • Chill
  • Stress-Free
  • Casual

Art director

  • Kira Wilson
  • Bradford Prairie


  • Spring 2023
  • Interaction Design
  • SDCC


After conducting interviews with eight people of different demographics, pain points, and varying localities, I made an affinity diagram, which uncovered four main areas of I might concentrate my effort on for this app: 1) Navigation & Directions; 2) Booking & Payments; 3) Search & Discovery; and of course, 4) User Experience. My User Personas express Users from two different crowded regions (Southern California and Miami, FL).



Developing my solutions for parking dilemmas presented numerous challenges. Initially, I explored utilizing GPS technology to pinpoint empty spaces, but this proved impractical and potentially unsafe. Hence, I pivoted to an AirBnB model for parking spaces. However, further exploration revealed additional impracticalities, including the rapid turnover of rented spaces and the proximity of paid parking in high-demand areas. Addressing these concerns, I see the need for a solution that offers greater value to stakeholders. Despite these challenges, I remain committed to refining Carcloud through continuing user interviews, aiming to develop a more effective parking solution for crowded environments.